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Holiday Post Roundup

The holidays are right around the corner, but we all know that accidents never take a vacation. Ensuring that your customers are properly covered will give them peace and joy this holiday season. So take a few minutes to read what some of our members had to say about holiday-related insurance.

Business Insurance in Orlando

What is business insurance? To simplify a complex subject, business insurance is protection for a specific business. That protection comes in many forms. property and liability, loss control and prevention, commercial automobile, umbrella coverage, and more. Running a business requires significant investment and minimizing risk is what business insurance offers to business owners. It is not required by law to always carry business insurance, unless you are an employer, but it is one of the most functional ways to protect business assets.

Understanding Central Florida Insurance

As the Latest News and Articles section on grows, we are going to share a wealth of information on insurance. The subject is vast and for the sake of this Central Florida Insurance organization, we have an amazing membership base to help us explain the world of insurance.  To get this series kicked off, we will break down some of the types of Central Florida insurance available.