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Hurricane Insurance Information

Hurricane Irma has dissipated and rained herself out, which means that our jobs as independent insurance agents are just beginning.

We’ve rounded up some of the top blogs from our members on protecting against hurricane-related damage and hurricane insurance. Read on to see what IIACF members have to say on the topic of hurricane coverage, readiness, and cleanup.

Hurricane Insurance Preparedness Tips

Hurricane Irma might have done its damage on Central Florida already, but there’s still another two months left in hurricane season. That’s right: the danger isn’t over yet. That’s why Southern Financial Insurance Group put together this list of hurricane readiness tips to make sure the next storm doesn’t do more damage.

Hurricane Insurance Preparedness

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Sihle Insurance talks about wind mitigation inspections and how they can lower your insurance premiums. By checking the integrity of your clients’ roofs and how they could minimize their hurricane risk, your clients can receive discounts from their insurance company as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing their home is well-protected.

How Fraud Makes Your Premiums Go Up

In this post from Harry Levine Insurance, learn about how storms such as Hurricane Irma make it easy for con artists and shysters to defraud insurance companies and increase your clients’ home insurance premiums. Learn what actionable steps you and your customers can take to fight back so that everyone stays on a fair playing field.

Rain Damage

“It’s just a little rain…nothing to be scared of, right?” Wrong! Heavy rains can cause more damage than you think. In this blog post from Blackadar Insurance, you’ll learn tips on how your clients can protect their homes from large amounts of rain—like those caused by Hurricane Irma.

Vacation Home Insurance

Not all of our hurricane-affected clients lives in Florida year-round. Fudge & Associates talks about the importance of vacation home insurance and how to protect that home away from home from hurricanes, flood zones, sinkholes, and more.

vacation insurance

Keeping Your Business Working

Did you know that as much as 40% of businesses who close after a major disaster never reopen? In this article from Newman Crane & Associates,  we’ll discuss how to keep businesses operational after a hurricane. Pass this information to your commercial clients so they can keep their doors open for years to come.

What questions are your customers asking after the storm?

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