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September Roundup

Fall is just around the corner but, because we live in Florida, that just means an extra month or two of summer.

To tide you over until the cooler temperatures, we’ve rounded up some of our top member posts to share with your customers.


Yard Safety

Getting the yard cleaned up this summer? Don’t be one of the 400,000 people to be injured by lawn and garden tools! Blackadar Insurance Agency talks about how to stay safe when doing yard work.


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Home Insurance for Beginners

For first-time homebuyers, home insurance terminology can seem like a foreign language. Corkhill Insurance Agency wrote “A Beginner’s Guide to Home Insurance” to conquer just that problem.



We’re right in the peak of hurricane season, and Harry Levine insurance wants to know: what’s your disaster plan? Not having a plan for your office can lead to extensive cleanup, not just of physical damages, but work-related ones as well.


Mind the Gap

Is your car currently worth less than you owe on it? You need gap insurance! This article from the Orlando Insurance Center will explain this often misunderstood coverage.

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Preventing Workman’s Comp

You know what they say: an ounce of prevention is worth of a pound of cure. Newman Crane Insurance explains how wellness programs can reduce worker’s comp claims.


Good News for Florida!

Finally, some good news to share with your customers. Reinsurance rates after Irma, Harvey, and other natural disasters won’t raise insurance rates as much as previously thought.

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