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Small Business Insurance Roundup

Many of our members offer small business insurance alongside the traditional home, auto, and life insurance policies. As we enter into a season when many businesses begin to go into the black, let’s take a look at some of what you had to say about insuring small businesses.


hand holding business in protective bubble

The Importance of Small Business Insurance

Corkill Insurance Agency discusses why small businesses need good insurance coverage as well as the different types of insurance available. Risks threaten every aspect of a small business, so it’s vital to stay vigilant and prepared when it comes to protecting your customers’ livelihoods from disaster.


Business Auto Insurance

For those business customers with company cars, Fudge & Associates talks about the importance of properly insuring all company cars. Many businesses think they are adequately protected by using rental cars and employee-owned cars, but when these vehicles are used for company business, it can open your customers up to a world of risk.


Small Business Disaster

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, we are all reminded just how close tragedy can strike. Newman Crane & Associates talks about how to make sure your small business survives after a natural disaster. We still have six more weeks in hurricane season. Ensure that your customers are properly insured.

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Restaurant Insurance

As we all know, there are more than just one type of restaurant insurance. In this article by Harry Levine Insurance, learn about nine popular types of restaurant insurance that your customers might not even know they need.


Holding Subcontractors Accountable

Your general contractor clients (should) already know the importance of making sure all their subcontractors are properly insured. But do they know how to do their due diligence? Sihle Insurance Group shows us how to track subcontractor’s insurance so your clients keep their head above water.



As we enter into 2017’s holiday season, let’s make sure all of our small business clients are adequately covered. A simple courtesy call to discuss risk, policy changes, and premiums can go a long way toward protecting, assuring, and—ultimately—keeping your small business customers for years to come.

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