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Understanding Central Florida Insurance

As the Latest News and Articles section on IIACF.com grows, we are going to share a wealth of information on insurance. The subject is vast and for the sake of this Central Florida Insurance organization, we have an amazing membership base to help us explain the world of insurance.  To get this series kicked off, we will break down some of the types of Central Florida insurance available.

Property & Casualty

Property & Casualty is a broad topic, but one you will hear frequently in the insurance world. Simply put, property and casualty policies are types of coverage that help protect the things that you own, whether that be your car, home, boat, motorcycle, etc.  These offerings can get specific, such as powersports for a jetski or all-terrain vehicle, renter’s insurance to cover your belongings when you are renting a place to live, or even landlord insurance for those looking to protect properties that generate income. Think of property and casualty as protecting the things you own and protecting against liability for third party injuries.

A local leader in the industry, IOA (Insurance Office of America) has a goal of providing creative Risk Financing Programs to meet the strategic needs of their clients. At IOA, they carefully determine and assess your needs and reduce the “Cost-of-Risk” for you.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance is specific to businesses only. If you own a company, large or small, protecting those assets is imperative. There are so many aspects to business insurance, we won’t be able to list them all for this article, but coverage is available for each element of what you do. Whether you have intellectual property to protect, a physical location to maintain, or even accounts receivable to manage, there are ways to secure your business. Insurance is about assessing and identifying risk. In order to ensure that your business is susceptible to the least risk, business insurance is a necessity.

LassiterWare has over 100 years of experience in the insurance industry. Their commercial insurance services offer effective solutions for your business. Their patented process takes the time to Identify Risks, Innovate Solutions, and Implement Programs to execute the desired risk and cost reduction results.

Auto Insurance in Florida

Florida Auto Insurance is another enormous subject that Central Florida Insurance companies navigate daily. With so many different protection levels, depending on a qualified insurance agent is key. P Fudge & Associates, Inc. are a Central Florida insurance company with a wealth of products available to give you comprehensive coverage. Personal Auto Insurance, RV Insurance, Boat and Watercraft Insurance, and even discounts on motorcycle insurance are areas they specialize in.

Automobile insurance can get complicated quickly. Knowing your coverage limits and what your policy offers is something that can save you time and money in the event of an accident or emergency.

Health Insurance

Most people don’t think to visit the doctor unless they are sick. In reality, regular visits can keep you from getting sick and health insurance is one simple method of protecting yourself, your family, and your employees. There are several types of health insurance available and a very complex array of options, so making sure you are working with an experienced professional is important.

Hugh Cotton Insurance has been your shield of protection since 1948. They have the information you need to secure the best health plan for you and your team. When it comes to group health care such as health, dental, life, disability, vision, and worksite benefits, Hugh Cotton Insurance is there for you.


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